August 23, 2017


Today Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness Executive Director Lisa Tepper-Bates and Partnership for Strong Communities Executive Director Alicia Woodsby jointly communicated to Opening Doors Fairfield County Co-Chair David Rich and other senior leaders of social services agencies urging that vigorous advocacy efforts be maintained while our state is without a budget, and, to demonstrate solidarity in numbers Thursday September 7th in Hartford.

Opening Doors Fairfield County joins Lisa and Alicia in asking that the greater Opening Doors community turn out in strength of numbers September 7th for this critical demonstration. The full text of their message follows:


Dear David,

We’re sending this email to you today as a senior leader in efforts to end homelessness in Connecticut to update you on discussions with partner coalitions regarding a demonstration in September in support of passing a budget that protects funding for social services.  

The Governor’s revised Executive Order Allocation plan restores some funding for homelessness services and supports.  This is good news, but only governs state funding so long as there is not a final budget.  We appreciate the calls and emails you have been sending to advocate for homelessness assistance funding.  It is critical that we maintain our collective efforts until a final budget is passed.

As we noted to you last week, CCEH and PSC continue to work with other coalitions that represent human services to develop a plan for a broad-based demonstration.  We would join together to make the argument that the legislature needs to pass a budget as soon as possible – and that budget must protect critical resources for human services, including our efforts to end homelessness. 

Due to developments in Hartford regarding the timing of possible September budget negotiations, we have agreed with partners to move up the tentative date of the demonstration to Thursday, September 7, 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

We will need your help to turn out as many people as possible!  A strong turnout will be critical in underscoring to legislators the importance of protecting funding for core social services.

Thank you for all you do every day, and thank you for lending your voice to our advocacy efforts.


Lisa Tepper Bates                                 Alicia Woodsby

Executive Director, CCEH                     Executive Director, Partnership for Strong Communities